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For manufacturers, costing is the ultimate measurement system because it drives pricing, discounting, product development, and plant investment. Even so, many manufacturers accept standard costs as the fast, easy way to calculate pricing. Using MODAPTS®, lean-driven manufacturers have a better way to understand their labor's actual impact on product cost. While preserving the dignity of work, lean manufacturers are able to justify change through accurate measurements.

Methods analysis is a proven way to maximize efficiency and improve any company’s bottom line through increased worker performance, enhanced production methods and designing ergonomically correct workstations.  


What We Can Do for You

At EPG, we know that time is money. We also know that measured work means more efficient work. So by using our unique work measurement-training tool, we focus our efforts on improving productivity and boosting efficiency—and that means keeping more money in your pockets.  

With deep industry experience in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, our professional engineers deliver better results by:

  • Analyzing departmental efficiency
  • Calculating reliable production standards
  • Eliminating waste and unnecessary motion/conveyance


Lean Processes and Value Stream Analysis Across the Entire Organization

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To better understand efficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and establish a baseline, the EPG team performs lean analysis on every manufacturing process.