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Is MODAPTS® a recognized system?

Since 1966, MODAPTS® has been accepted around the world as a valid and useful predetermined time system. MODAPTS® is widely used in the USSR, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and the United States. This worldwide usage is a tribute to its simplicity, logic, effectiveness, low cost, and diversity of application for setting work standards.

Can I measure worker performance skills using MODAPTS®?

Price Waterhouse tested MODAPTS® in several industrial situations to compare it with existing predetermined time systems, including stopwatch time study. The results of this two-year study indicate that MODAPTS® ’ accuracy is comparable to other systems such as MTM, MSD, and Work Factor, and the average employee can understand MODAPTS® concepts.

Is MODAPTS® easy to use?

Yes. No stopwatch or operator performance rating is required with MODAPTS® . The average supervisor can use MODAPTS® to calculate labor standards, and the average employee can understand MODAPTS® concepts.