Industrial Engineering

Consulting Process

Industrial Engineering Consulting

EPG Industrial Engineering Services provide work measure/time studies on your operations by using MODAPTS® to establish accurate production standards. The process begins with a site visit, where EPG works with your personnel (as required) and conducts a MODAPTS® analysis on each production task. EPG uses the results of the analyses to recommend how to eliminate unnecessary motions and ensure each operation is performed in an efficient manner.  The MODAPTS® production standards are then assembled into the TaskMaster software or your existing system (as required) and reviewed with your team. EPG accompanies your management team onto the production floor to observe the accuracy of the MODAPTS® analysis in setting the standard.

Who Benefits from EPG Consulting?

Any workshop facility, service or manufacturing company can benefit from accurate work measurement analysis.

Consulting Benefits

When utilizing a professional work measurement service provider, costs are budgeted, fixed and controlled.

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, it’s virtually impossible to keep pace with the volumes of new “must know” information. EPG helps ease information overload by offering access to MODAPTS® and work measurement specialists who deliver the knowledge you need to support your current and future manpower rebalancing requirements.

Improved Productivity

Technology improves productivity by enabling communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, which in turn helps workers innovate.  However, these productivity and business benefits can only be realized when measuring operator performance is properly planned, implemented and maintained.

EPG's Consulting Experience

Services: EPG is committed to working with you to increase worker productivity by applying proven work measurement methods.
Standard Data Generation: EPG will perform MODAPTS® studies and engineering studies to develop standards customized for the unique needs of your facility.

Manpower Assessments: EPG has the experience to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current staffing levels verses the manpower you need to effectively assemble your products.

Is There Computer Software for MODAPTS®?

Yes, software programs are available. EPG, in conjunction with Dynamic Research Group, developed proprietary productivity software called TaskMaster to assist you in implementing and using the MODAPTS® system.  EPG will train your team on how to use the software to maintain your standards. The TaskMaster software is designed to run on stand-alone PCs running Microsoft® Windows® software. No special equipment is required.