MODAPTS® Benefits & Results

MODAPTS® Results & Benefits modapts results

The MODAPTS® work measurement is compatible with other work management and productivity tools such as Lean Manufacturing, JIT (Just In Time) System and Six Sigma. MODAPTS® is a base analysis tool, producing time- and movement-based studies that can be applied to any additional work study.

Benefits of MODAPTS® include:

  • Easy to use and quick application for
    • Contract bidding
    • Direct labor cost estimating
    • Quality control
    • Safety analysis
    • Establishing productivity standards for work stations and manufacturing processes
    • Ergonomics
    • Work study management
  • Rapid derivation of objective standards
  • Increased utilization of work management personnel
  • Work task analysis regarding people and their capacities
  • Accuracy and consistency in costing (+/-5% at the 95% confidence level of the true mean)
  • Improved communication and productivity, promoting closer teamwork
  • Quick determination of rates and plant/department capacity
  • Data and analysis for human systems integration
  • Building stronger working relationships by defining job tasks and expectations
  • Using the ergonomic factors built into the MODAPTS®  system to identify physically stressful work so that it can be reduced or eliminated—helping to reduce work-related injuries and cumulative trauma


Why Does MODAPTS® Work?

Simplicity and accuracy. Because MODAPTS® is easy to explain and employs a small number of values, interested parties can review standards quickly and easily, and the possibility of controversy is greatly reduced. MODAPTS® analyses motion patterns and subjective operator ratings, and its MOD-based system is accurate and easy to interpret.