MODSEW® evolved from the observation that certain motion patterns in sewing occurred repeatedly. As a first step, these motion patterns were coded using the MODAPTS® predetermined time system. Then, these codes were collected into a table or "Modules" for ease of use. The result is MODSEW®—tables of time values representing universal motion patterns of qualified, thoroughly experience sewing operators.

The 57 modules included in MODSEW® represent the bulk of all activity performed while sewing, such as picking up plies, folding in preparation to sew, aligning, straightening, cutting, setting aside garments, bundle handling, and more. A special Sewing Module calculates machine time based on the length of the sew burst, machine RPM, acceleration/deceleration, etc. The Sewing Module also calculates thread consumption based on the Union Special thread consumption calculations. MODSEW® modules provide time values for approximately 87% of all motion patterns found in the sewn-products industry.

MODSEW® is owned and distributed by Byte Software, LLC of Mauldin, South Carolina. For more information, please contact