MODAPTS-Based Work Study Software


Developed by Dr. Michael Shinnick, a founding member of the International MODAPTS Association, TaskMaster 2000 Plus is the only MODAPTS-based work study software available today.  This advanced application allows you to easily create and edit work studies to use while creating labor standards and to establish ergonomically designed work tasks.

This automated work measurement tool has a user-friendly interface that creates an environment for entering new data quickly and efficiently, as well as for editing and reviewing existing work study data.  You can use Taskmaster 2000 Plus to analyze work tasks in manufacturing, warehouse and office environments.  Steps, calculations and study totals are conveniently entered and reported as MOD elements (MOD strings) or process time.

TaskMaster 2000 Plus reduces the chance for calculation errors because it automatically provides MODs (one MOD equals .129 seconds), seconds, minutes, hours and cycles per hour as you develop the data.

TaskMaster 2020 coming soon!

Make no mistake…..a productivity revolution is underway in manufacturing. 

TaskMaster 2020 allows personalization helping to reduce or eliminate the 'cost of curiosity' by allowing your team to quickly and easily try out different data and configurations in a matter of seconds, without the need to call IT or a developer.  Getting the information you need where, when and how you want it allows you to do your job better, to run equipment and operations in a better way.

TaskMaster 2020 software will take you where you've never been, to answer “what if” questions faster than you couldn't before!